Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Testimony from Yamit, Short Term volunteer in Sardinia

Ciao! My name is Yamit and I’m from a little port town in Wales (UK). I’m currently nearing the end of a short-term EVS project in Cagliari, the beautiful capital of Sardinia.

When I first arrived here at the end of July to begin this TDM 2000 project I felt immediately welcomed and valued. Cagliari has a rich and fascinating history and it has been amazing to volunteer here.

As part of my project, I was fortunate enough to take part in the 15th International Summer Week hosted by TDM 2000. I, along with 200 people from 33 different countries, participated in various exciting excursions, exploring the stunning Sardinian coastline, visiting quiant, picturesque villages and tasting the local cuisine while joining in the traditional dances. This has allowed me to not only see another side of Sardinia, but to meet different people from around the world, and immerse myself in other cultures and beliefs. This whole project has exemplified the importance of intercultural tolerance and open-mindedness, serving as a unique learning experience unlike any other I have ever had.

Thanks TDM 2000!

Yamit, Short term volunteer in Sardinia.

Project part of YOUth In Europe,
supported by the British Council
and the Youth in Action programme
of the European Commission