Friday, 10 August 2012

''Adventures beyond the Isle'' by Liam, EVS volunteer in Poland

Adventures beyond the Isle.

This is the story of the life of eight volunteers that, more or less, have never experienced life outside of the British isles. We have been sent out from our home country to experience the culture and  become enriched by it as well at the same time helping out a local scout headquarters with their project.

We departed from England on a cool Monday afternoon For some it was our first trip on an actual plane, our expectations matching our imagination and nerves. We explored the airport and after our first interaction with airport security we were soon on our flight and off to Poland. I, Liam, had the glorious pleasure of sitting right on the wing, able to see and feel every movement from the plane's flight trajectory. It was disconcerting at first but it became comfortable soon after take off and I was able to enjoy my first flight, even if it was only for two hours!

When we arrived in Wrocław, the temperature really hit us, a forbearance of what we would expect    while we where here. The excitement kicked in and we were all bouncing around, a flurry of young British stamina, nervously anticipating what we had ahead. We met our mentor Michal at the airport and set off for our humble abode. It wasn't quite what we were expecting but over time we made it our own. Here are some of the pictures from our home away from home.


So here we are, our first day in our new home for the next month, we're all pretty excited and things can only get better.

Liam Rooke
EVS Volunteer.

Project part of YOUth In Europe,
supported by the British Council
and the Youth in Action programme
of the European Commission